Consumerism And The Road To Happiness

Have we ever stopped and given a moment to wonder how this world functions. Like Shakespeare once said ‘’ All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players’’, have we ever stopped to think how we dance to the tunes of this stage? How different are we to those who walked this earth many, many years before us? Because have you never actually done something in your life, and then some time later, actually thought why on earth you did it in the first place. It’s almost like you had a brain freeze and actually stopped thinking for a moment. 

Well, currently we live in a world which tries its best to depress us at every opportunity that it gets. Yes, that’s absolutely correct. You can blame all the sadness in your life which makes you have sudden awful crying bouts on people’s shoulders, which make you feel so embarrassed because they have to give you their shoulder plus better wipes to wipe the tears away. But why do you think this world is so depressing. Because our depression is good for the economy of this world, that’s why. Because this world wants us to be unhappy so that we will continuously be in search pf something better and bigger to make ourselves happy and satisfied. We would want to make our lives easier by wanting something better.

Have you ever given it a thought? How the world keeps on producing so much and still we continue to buy all these materialistic things? It’s because we are continuously in the hunt for those bigger and better things. For example how does a company manage to sell anti-ageing cream to the people? By getting them to be worried about their ageing skin and the fine lines and creases that will start to appear with age. How does a company get people to buy biodegradable bin liners NZ? By making them get worked up over the adverse effects of global warming and how it can endanger our lives. People undergo plastic surgery because they are worried about their physical flaws and they want to look better in all aspects.
So this is exactly how the world operated. The best thing for the economy of the world revolves around your level of unhappiness. So it wouldn’t be too good for the economy if you just lived a happy and satisfied life with all that you have.

To remain calm in the face of all that is being thrown at us becomes a kind of revolutionary act. But one could also argue we would not have reached this era of modern economy, technology, health care, etc. if we were not constantly striving to improve and make things better than what they already are. So isn’t that a good thing? Well, it would be if the urge to improve was driven by pleasure and satisfaction. But unfortunately for us, today this urge is merely driven by competition, where we always want to outshine the other. And therein lies the biggest threat to our happiness, my dear friends.