Maintenance Of Your Industrial Coolers

The process of coolers happened on a daily basis especially in industries and it is very important to maintain and do regular check-ups on your coolers before they shut down forever which will cause you more trouble and affect your business.

Not having your coolers maintained and repaired when needed will lead to leaks that will attract mosquitoes, will affect the occupant’s health and your system performance will also be affected. The type of your cooler doesn’t matter – whether it’s a natural draft cooling strong hold or a closed circuit cooler the daily for a good cooling tower maintenance should be done on time. Occupants health is affected due to mosquitoes that will attract water or even it has a high chance of bacteria developing in cooling strong holds – Legionella is the most common type. Poorly maintaining your cooler can cost you both money and energy a lot to repair it and this could affect your economy and also it will be time-consuming thus will affect your overall system and cause you a great loss, therefore, you have to make sure you maintain your coolers regularly.

Keep all equipment in the cooler clean at all times.

As mentioned above to stop bacteria and other microorganisms in threatening your cooler, use biocides.

Make sure to keep records of the days of maintenance and repair of the tower – in detail write down the issues found.

Look out for corrosion and any other chemicals made within the tower.

Inspect all the equipment regularly (monthly )

Systems with high levels of LDB may require more cleaning.

It is important to clean the tower after being shut down for vacations as well as before the beginning of new cooling days.

According to different types of cooling strong holds make sure to examine all equipment – example in mechanical draft cooler make sure the cooling tower fan shaft alignment or the open circuit coolers have access to air.

Maintain sump water at a low temperature (20°C, 68°F) to control LDB growth.

At least twice a year make sure to fully clean the tower.

The areas that have access to sunlight and water should be cleaned regularly than other equipment or places within the tower.
As mentioned about it is very important to maintain industrial coolers for the betterment of the workers, economy of the industry and even for the progress and overall system. Without proper maintenance all these factors will have negative effects causing you to shut down your industry or business. Therefore use this article as a guide to make sure your cooler is in the proper condition to work, if not make sure to hire a professional team for repairing and maintaining your cooler as soon as possible.