Selecting Uses Or Rubber

Rubber as we know it is an extract from the rubber tree, although it goes through several curing processes after it is extracted as latex after making incisions in the tree bark. Rubber has certain characteristics which make it extremely good for different types of applications. The most useful of all the characteristics include its high stretching ability, waterproofing ability and its low manufacturing cost when compared to certain other types of materials.As we have already said, rubber sees many different uses in various fields, mostly for making rubber products. Some examples for products made of rubber include the following:

Tyres – Tyres are used in most vehicles, and you will find that virtually all tyres are made out of rubber, no matter whether we are talking about bicycle or automobile tyres. Nowadays, tyres aren’t exactly made of pure rubber, as a few additives are added to get the required characteristics and increase tyre lifespan.

Automobile Parts – Rubber sees many more different used in the automobile industry than to just make tyres. A lot of the different seals and washers found in automobile systems are comprised of rubber, and its waterproofing ability is ideal to seal windows and windshields, thus preventing water from getting inside the cabin when raining.

Pipe Joints – Several plumbing devices are made of rubber as well. Flexible pipe coupling can be used in a lot of different applications compared to joints made of plastic or metal, particularly when the twists and turns require the use of a couplings that can deform and flex when necessary.

Plungers – You should be familiar with this tool if you had a plumber come to your home recently due to a clogged sink. Just like a lot of parts you can order from any pipe fittings supplier, the plunger also makes use of rubber for one of its two parts, the suction cup that is used to create a vacuum and draw in what caused the clog in the first place.

Erasers – The concept of using a rubber eraser to erase pencil lines is more than 200 years old. We should be grateful for its invention since pencils have made our work less messy when we need to constantly change or alter what we have just wrote or when we need to draw.

Gloves – Rubber gloves are always popular for both commercial and domestic uses due to the waterproofing ability and low reactivity of rubber, which lets the user work with different kinds of chemicals without causing harm to his or her hands.

As a Flooring Material – When think of floors, our minds always point to materials like ceramic, porcelain or hardwood, but rubber floors are also available as an alternative. While they may not be the first choice for domestic uses, they are quite popular in gyms and playgrounds.