The Abilities And Advantages Of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is something that we’ve used at one point or another in our daily lives. It has become so integral to our use that we fail to notice it. Here are some advantages of stainless steel that we enumerate.

We have all heard of stainless steel fabrication. But let us see what stainless steel is, in the first place altogether. Appropriately named, stainless steel has the ability to resist rust and corrosion indefinitely. Forever would be too strong a word, because they can easily outlive us. Around 10% of stainless steel is from the addition of chromium, which gives the steel amazing abilities.

A lot of welding companies swear by stainless steel. This is in part due to its ability to self restore stainless itself back to its original properties. The chromium content in the steel forms an almost invisible layer of oxide of chromium, on the steel’s surface. So, if a portion of damaged steel is exposed to the surface, it instantly forms a coating of chromium oxide on the surface, thus there is no scope for rust or corrosion. When we throw in other elements like nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen in the mix, during manufacturing itself, the anti corrosion properties are further enhanced. Currently there exist about 60 odd varieties of stainless steel in use, which are divided into five classes according to the alloys used to increase their properties.

Benefits of selecting stainless steel

Stainless steel has a reputation of being stain free and anti corrosive, both properties which are very much required for hospitals and other places where hygiene is of paramount importance.

The strength: weight ratio of stainless steel is greater than that of other materials and this is where it has an even bigger advantage over other alloys. They are heat and chemical resistant as well, thus coming in handy for manufacturing high duplex grades which can be used in places where reduced thickness and additional strength are required as bare essentials.

Stainless steel is totally recyclable, and around 50% of all stainless steel which is manufactured in the USA, is made from recycled stainless steel. We need to be increasingly environment conscious for our own well being, and stainless steel pays its due quite respectably.

In commercial use, stainless steel is often a first choice because of its anti-corrosive and low maintenance properties. This alloy is ideal for bars, plates, sheets and tubing and wire. Surgical instruments are also made chiefly from stainless steel.

Hospitals, food processing plants, medical offices, kitchens, surgical centers and other vital industries flourish because of stainless steel. Without stainless steel, we would definitely be at a disadvantage. The aviation industry also has stainless steel to thank for giving it wings.